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What is the Melbourne Social Forum? PDF E-mail

The Melbourne Social Forum is a movement, a process, an event and an organization that helps to facilitate social change and the exploration of social alternatives that are socially just and ecologically sustainable.

Charter of Principles PDF E-mail

Mission Statement and Charter of Principles

The MSF strives for best practice in accountability and inclusiveness. Below are our Mission Statement, Charter of Principles and Meeting Procedures which we have reproduced here so that we can be held accountable to them.


Organisers PDF E-mail

Organisers for the Melbourne Social Forum come from diverse backgrounds and persuasions. Some have academic inclinations, while others have been more focused on community development, or on environmental and social justice activism. MSF organisers have also been comprised by people from various countries around the world. As the MSF reflects the inter-linking between the local and global, and a turn toward planetary citizenship, so too have organisers embodied a trans-nationalist and planetary turn.


Volunteering at the MSF PDF E-mail

The Melbourne Social Forum provides a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds and level of expertise to get involved in the organisation and the events we organise by becoming a volunteer.

Rationale and message PDF E-mail

People support and attend our events for a wide range of reasons. This page documents just some of their views and reasons why people attend and support the Melbourne Social Forum.  The statements below were taken from participants at previous MSF events.

Melbourne Social Forum as Process PDF E-mail

As we emerge into the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly clear that we as a planet are facing numerous challenges, in the area of ecology, development, human rights, peace, and culture. It has also become increasingly clear that neo-liberal globalisation is only compounding the meta-problems we face, through favouring the short term interests of multi-national corporations and the super rich over the interests of ordinary people, the world's desperate poor, marginalised, future generations, and the Earth's ecosystems.

Melbourne Social Forum as Organisation PDF E-mail

The MSF has been in existence since 2004 and was recently incorporated as a legal entity in 2007. The organisation is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who form the MSF Organising committee which meet monthly and participate in online discussions. The organising committee is supported by generous volunteers that come together to assist in making the events run smoothly.


Melbourne Social Forum as Movement PDF E-mail

The Melbourne Social Forum (MSF) inherits it’s origins from the World Social Forum which was initiated in 2001. The World Social Forum is a meta-collaboration between thousands of NGOs, community grassroots groups, and civil society to dialogue, reflect and act in increasingly effective ways toward the acknowledgment that 'another world is possible'.

Melbourne Social Forum as Event PDF E-mail

The MSF is an annual open space event, and a network, for facilitating debate, self-expression and imagination in addressing global issues. In particular for seeking out, articulating and helping to establish more sustainable and just versions of globalisation, through the development and enaction of ocal alternatives.


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